Trainer Feedback


The first ViCo-Trainer Workshop took place in March 2017 at Hennef sports school.


15 German and Austrian soccer trainers went through 5 days fully packed with visual and cognitive training drills taught by Matthias Nowak, Samir Tanjo, Ralf Santelli, Stefanie Hennigfeld und Sabine Nebendahl.


Here some of their comments after the course:

  • A super course - the visual system is incredibly exciting and the background knowledge about the training of the eye and brain has been very well conveyed. There was a great atmosphere among the participants and the interaction of the five lecturers was excellent.
  • In the morning theoretical knowledge, in the afternoon its direct implementation on the course. Classy coaching tips also regarding the positive approach with the players. Thank you very much!
  • A truly ingenious course - lots of new ideas and suggestions, which I will take directly to the next training session.
  • Super inspiring to see how my own abilities have improved in the few days. Fantastic!
  • Ingenious combination of eye-brain football. Powerful competence of the five lecturers!
  • My expectation was to build up know-how and to understand what the visual & cognitive effect is in the game. These expectations have been fully met and I now have a good set of tool for new training controls.
  • The course was very well structured, very intensive - until the head smoked. I will take home particularly the instructions to build up own creativity.
  • The selfteaching session on the fourth evening was especially successful. It has brought everything to the point.
  • Incredibly complex topic, sometimes I lost sight of the whole thing. But in the end it was all joined.
  • Thanks for all info, photos and videos on the dropbox.

What we will improve the next time - thanks to your feedback:

  1. Will paint a global picture in the beginning and fill in puzzles as we go over the five days
  2. Keep schedule and content more obvious
  3. Condense test methods and train its application more often 
  4. Even more coaching tipps
  5. More self teaching sessions
  6. Moderate combination of theoretical contents even more soccer specific
  7. Keep on working on the perfect version of the course...