Why another education? There are already so many in this area?

Our experience shows that many coaches are looking for a way to train visual and cognitive skills. However, exisiting seminars are often too specialized and scientifically elaborated - or too "spongy". In the end the trainer does not know how to integrate these new components into his training. We fill this gap with the ViCO-Trainer.

Will I get a certificate?

You will receive a certificate with a recommendation from the Federal Association for Visual & Cognitive Training e.V.

Is the course available in English?

This course is in German, but in the future we will also offer international courses in English. Our team speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Serbian so that we can also translate if necessary. The documents are currently in German.

Is the course only for soccer or are there also courses for other sports?

At the moment, we only offer the course for soccer. Further courses will follow.

What clothes do I need?

For the course, you will need sports dress and indoor shoes, in good weather football shoes. But also bring swimwear with or fitness clothes. The sports school has an indoor pool and fitness facilities.

Why a license agreement?

We will actively cooperate with our licensees. We support each other in actions. Our licensees will benefit from our advertising campaigns and we will continue to train our licensees. The goal is to establish an innovative new training system at a high level in the market with a team of well-trained trainers.

For whom is the course?

For all soccer players and soccer players.

What is the timetable?

We will work with you daily from 9 am to 6 pm / 7 pm (Wed from 1 pm / Sun to 12 noon). In the morning you will get the most important information about the visual system. What skills do you need in football, how do I - as coach - recognize the visual performance of my players, how can I train them. We will introduce you to the most important training devices, such as the training with shutter glasses or the Neurotracker training.


In the afternoon, you will learn practical exercises from the DynamicBrain program. You will develop game forms with and without ball, with other tools, as well as exercises, which you can apply immediately in the training.

Who is DynamicEye?

DynamicEye is a company dedicated to the topic of improving visual skills and sports performance. It is not about visual tests, but the processing of what is seen in the brain and the adequate implementation in terms of speed, distance and space perception,  fixation, timing, hand-eye-coordination, etc. As a cooperation partner of the Olympic Training Center Rhineland, we work with many individual athletes from different sports. Our customers include, for example, the Table Tennis National Teams and the Hockey Ladies' National Team.

Do I need to exercise expensive equipment?

No. We will introduce you to equipment, but the training can be done easily with simple cost-effective means.

What is the diet in the Hennef sports school like?

We actually chose the Hennef sports school because of the food. They also offer vegetarian and whole food foods

and everything is very rich and delicious.

How do the costs relate?

There are 4 complete days from 9 am to 6 pm. You will have 4 coaches that are experts in their field for years and who have designed a concept that actually works!

The acquired knowledge is conveyed in such way that you have the opportunity to apply it immediately upon your return to the field.

We work individually so that you can work with this method in a targeted manner and not with an indiscriminate all-round type of training which may or may not result in success. 

Who is DynamicBrain?

Matthias Nowak and Samir Tanjo have brought brain training to a new level. The latest scientific findings are incorporated into their training. With their concept you can work specifically in soccer. Each trainer has an immediate understanding of how to incorporate the exercises into his work. Many international clubs and individual athletes use their training.